Tuesday, November 23, 2010

N is for...

Notions!  Oh my goodness I apologize for being such a slacker.  It takes a major blizzard to get me back into the groove.  Today's post will hopefully help you find some good ideas for some stocking stuffers.  Take some notes and give them to....."Santa".  Here are some of the top favorites of our employees.

*Aurifil Thread.  Everybody that uses it swears by it.  So beautiful.  So fine.
* Precision Trimmer by Feathered Star Productions.  Yes it is also the same name as a facial hair trimmer...more importantly Jan here at work loves hers.  Great for squaring up your blocks
*If you have been to the store lately you will have seen the mini black and white scissors by the cash register. Perfect stuffer.  AND they are $4.95.
*Blinding clips.  I used to wear these in my hair.  It is slightly weird for me to see them as binding clips, but they work great.  And Moda has a tutorial to make cute ones, here.
*New blades.  New blades are the most wonderful treat.  Somebody gives you new blades....you love them forever.  Especially if it is a 5 pack.....which we carry.

*If you haven't looked outside lately, I hate to break it to you....it's a blizzard out there.  One of my favorite things on earth, hot apple cider.  Look here for a fantastic recipe.  Soooo gooood.

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