Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New FREE Pattern - The Gobstoppers Quilt

I've had a few requests for the Gobstoppers quilt pattern since a recent post from Char B. and a re-gram of Char's quilt on Missouri Star Quilt Company, I truly appreciate the exposure ladies! and I'm happy to know you are making this quilt. 

The Gobstoppers quilt was designed for the 2015 Utah Shop Hop which occurs every June, usually right before Father's Day.  The theme we chose for this event was "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, so of course I had to name this quilt after the everlasting gobstopper.

The blocks are set on point with sashing strips and blocks in between.  It looks a lot harder than it is.  There are only 3 blocks to construct for the entire quilt...A square-in-a-square block, the "pegs", and and the sashing post blocks. 

I used 14 coordinating fabrics in the quilt.  You could certainly use more for a scrappier looking quilt.  I previewed several fabrics for the outer border, but the mint green seemed to showcase the blocks the best, and you know any kind of mint candy or ice cream is my favorite so I went with it! 

Each block doesn't take a lot of fabric.  Owning a Quilt shop for years taught me that people love kits!  They like us to choose the fabrics for them, but they don't want to pay for wasted fabric.  The kit for this quilt used 6" x 22" strips of the print fabrics, enough fabric for your blocks and sashing posts, with little waste.   Fat Eighths would also work well for this quilt.

I chose to set the blocs on point which I loved, but how cute would this quilt be with straight-set blocks (below)...absolutely darling!

And a special thank you to Catherine Timmons for the amazing machine quilting.  She never disappoints and does all her quilting free-hand, not computerized!  She is truly talented!

I hope you enjoy making this darling gobstopper quilt!  and thanks for stopping by...

Happy Quilting!

 ~ Joni

Click here for a copy of the Gobstoppers Quilt Pattern