Friday, November 5, 2010

E if for

Embroidery.  We may be a quilt store, but let me tell you, we have some seriously beautiful embroidery patterns.  Not only do we have awesome patterns, we carry Week's Dye Works floss. Hand dyed floss.  Gorgeous hand dyed floss.  We have some smaller embroidery kits in the store right now.  Many of them are from Bareroots.  One of my favorites is the Christmas Stitchery.  Here is a picture.  That one is in a frame, but the one that we have a kit for in the store is a pillow.  We love Bareroots and have a few adorable Little Stitches kits. 
Another embroidery pattern company we love is Crabapple Hill.  
Look for the A to Z Embroidery book in the store, it's back by the floss. Fancy that. 
ANNOUNCEMENT!: We announce the winner of our giveaway (the apron pattern), on Monday. 
Recipe: Take a look at Smitten Kitchen.  There are so many good recipes that I just couldn't choose one.  But you will love it.

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  1. Should I like the recipes more or this great A-Z list better?! I'm torn and so excited for both every day!