Thursday, November 4, 2010

D is for...

DOMESTIC DIVA!  Whether you are a self-proclaimed diva or waiting for yours to blossom, we are here for you.  Did you know that there is a fabric line called Domestic Diva? It is by Riley Blake (like most good things).  Take a look here.  You probably have walked right by it in the store and didn't even realize it.  It is a hidden treasure.  Side-note: Did you know that Riley Blake has a blog?  If you scroll down a bit on this page, you will find a tutorial for a Domestic Diva tablerunner.  You can also find a Domestic Diva tablerunner pattern at the store.  It is by Thimble Blossoms.  Best part: it also includes a pattern for a hot-pad and an oven-mitt.  Perfect gift.  Done and done.
One step above Domestic Diva?  Domestic Goddess.  Remember that pattern?
*Recipe? You know it! Dinner Rolls.  This is a first, I have yet to make these.  But I saw them and couldn't stop staring or dreaming about the day I get to eat one.  Mmmmm.  (Can you tell I love Food Network?)

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