Monday, November 8, 2010

F is for....

Flowers!  My goodness I love flowers.  I would have to say that my favorite is peonies, though I go through cycles like I am sure most of you do.  I am always so sad when the flowers in the vase on the kitchen table start to wilt.

The quilting world has come up with a resolution to that problem!  Fabric flowers.  So cute and most are so easy to make.  One of our favorites is Posie flowers from Fig Tree.  You might have seen a vase of these on sticks in the store or if you look closely they are in the Quilt Sampler magazine we are featured in.
Blooming Possibilities is an extremely popular book we carry by Abbey Lane Quilts.
You probably have seen the flowers.  We don't have them in the store anymore, they returned home to Abbey Lane.  As you can see on the cover, the flowers are cute little frayed guys.
Midwest Mod Pillows from Amy Butler has one of my favorite pillows ever.  Hands down.  The big round flower one on the front.
Go and search "Midwest Mod Pillows" in Google images and see all the others people have made.  You can get some good ideas.
We even have quilts that feature darling flowers.  Few of the favorites would have to be Wallflower by Thimble Blossoms.
And Flutterby from Whimsicals.  (If you have never heard of Whimsicals, check them out.  They design patterns and fabric.  Love them.  They have a beautifully unique style.)
I am particularly excited about this recipe, mostly because I think I am being witty.  Ready? Flourless Cake. (Ha.  Get it.  Today is flowers and it is flourless cake....just go with it.)  And yes it is really from Whole Foods.

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  1. How lovely to have flowers on such a cold, winter day! Perfect!