Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Me Monday- Mary

Next up for our Meet Me Monday series, Mary!

How long have you worked at Quilter's Haven?
3 months
What days do you typically work?
Mondays & Fridays
Favorite color:
Blue or Red (I'm kind of an opposite girl!)

Favorite dessert:
Cookies! Especially Parson's German Chocolate cookies.

Favorite fabric line in the shop right now:
Jo Morton's

What/who got you into quilting or sewing?
My mom & aunts

Sewing project you are most proud of:
An applique using all 30's fabrics. It is a wall size- but pretty involved with many appliqued flowers.
Share an embarrassing or funny story that happened at work:
During our Fall Frenzy sale a customer standing at the cut counter mentioned that her husband says she would probably save him money if she were addicted to alcohol instead of fabric. Then, as she checked out and saw her $80.00 bill she said "How much alcohol do you think this would buy?"

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