Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Me Monday- Cambria

May we introduce... Cambria.

How long have you worked at Quilter's Haven?
My one year anniversary is November 1st, 2010, baby!!!

What days do you typically work?
Mondays and Thursdays and a couple Saturday's a month.

Favorite color:
Green! mossy-yellowy-chartreuse green!

Favorite dessert:
York Peppermint Patties are divine. FroYo (frozen yogurt) and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Favorite fabric line in the shop right now:
Favorite??? Ah! Maybe... Meadow Sweet 2 by Michael Miller. Or the super glittery Michael Miller fabric with crowns and damask. Sigh. I dream about Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler and Heather Bailey, too!

What/who got you into quilting or sewing?
My mommy! She teaches sewing to Junior High aged kids, and we've been sewing together for ever it seems like. I still have lots of stuff she made me as a child.

Sewing project you are most proud of:
I've been sewing for years... but I just finished my very first quilt! I used a simple tumbler block pattern and made it out of Riley Blakes' Felicity fabric and backed it with super cozy minkee. Mmmmm..... love.

Share an embarrassing or funny story that happened at work:
One day last winter, I was feeling a teeny-tiny bit under the weather. I was carrying three bolts of fabric, and just got off the phone with a customer as I was nearing our stairs (a total of four stairs). The heel of my right shoe caught ever-so-slightly on the carpet, which threw me ever-so-slightly off balance. Instead of trying to save myself, I simply immediately admitted defeat and fell down the stairs. On my shins. The fabric and phone when flying and I looked up to fine a nice man from ABC Channel 4 waiting to meet with Joni. He saw the whole thing and rushed over to help me. I was fine, of course. And he was more then gracious and helped me up. As I started walking I realized it hurt a lot worse then I initially thought! I made my way to the bathroom, shed a few tears, check out the damage to my shins (they were each missing some skin) and composed myself to go back to work and face all the people that had witnessed me fall like a toddler. Later that day, I noticed two blue marks on the fabric of the stairs... marks from the deep, dark blue rinse of my jeans- showing me right where I landed!

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