Saturday, January 1, 2011

U is for...

UFOs.  That's right, Un-Finished Projects. We all know that a common New Year's Resolution is to be better at finishing our projects and get last year's completed.  We are here to help you. (Forget the fact that we are the ones that probably put you into this position in the first place.  We understand.  There are just too many cute thing out there.)  Not only do we have awesome kits and beautiful fabric to help you start your project, we have product that will help you finish them up. 

*Batting.  And we have options for batting.  Everything from your standard 80/20 cotton batting to polyester to silk and wool to my absolute favorite......bamboo batting.  Sadly we do have the technology yet to let you feel the wonderful thing that is bamboo batting over the Internet.  We do have samples of all of the different types in the store at the cutting counter.  Feel the 80/20 first, then ask for the bamboo.  It makes all the difference.

*Thread.  This may seem silly, but I know for a fact that ladies put off projects because they run out of the right color of thread.  We have you covered.  We carry Gutermann, Mettler, Star, and Aurifil.  I love the Star thread for general use.  Great neutral colors in large amounts. 

*Blades.  Life is always better with a new blade.  It makes me want to quilt for days.

*Inspiration.  Sometimes you just hit a road block.  We all do.  Come on in and talk to the wonderful ladies in the store.  They all have they own strengths and as a combine unit could probably create world peace.  Quilts for everyone. 

Now that you are ready to start the year off right, you are probably going to hate me with this recipe.  Save it for a special occasion.  I love deep fried anything.  I will have to let you in on deep fried Oreos sometime.  It will change you life. (And maybe your weight....but I won't tell.) ;)

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