Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jo's Little Women Club

Jo’s Little Women Club is for those who love civil war patterns and fabrics. The patterns (available only to club members) are designed by Jo Morton and to be used with Jo Morton’s fabrics. Club 10 sign ups will begin on Friday, January 14th. $30 for 5 months. We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month. Come into the shop for more information.
Here are some pictures to entice you into joining in on our fun.  We have plenty of room for all of you. That's right ALL of you.
 Can you name us all? Diane, Jan, Kathleen, Janeen, Jody, Jackie, Peggy, Ilene, Norda, Lois, Carol, April, Susan, Linda, Clem, Robin, Sheri.  (Who wouldn't want to party with these women?  They may look calm and scholastic in the pictures, but we all know how quilting women really are....)

     This is the last quilt for JLW #9.  Sad day.  No fear, though.  Jo's Little Women #10 is coming soon! 
Kathryn, the leader of the pack, teaches us how to make the next little quilt.

We love show and tell.  These women are all so talented and each adds a unique twist to their quilts.

PRIZES!  Let's be honest.  Prizes are the favorite part of any class.....ever.

Some interesting information we learned during JLW:
2011 is the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. If you are interested in learning more about this visit  She is an expert  on the civil war era.
Another web site to visit for civil war quilts is

Remember to bring your 5 inch squares of Jo Morton fabric for exchange on January 25th!!!

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