Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HOT lanta the way, in case you haven't seen me at the shop in a day or two, I have been in Atlanta, GA for the last three weeks, and can I just say HOT lanta.

I'm loving the yummy fresh peaches, the beautiful southern-style homes that have HUGE wrap-around porches, and of course -- all the quilt shops -- Not as many shops here as the lucky people in Utah have of course -- but I can sniff out a Quilt Shop anywhere

Little Quilts is in Marietta, GA by the way  -

and people are really friendly out here and call you by your first name, 

but with a MISS in front of it....

Thank you Miss Joni.... How are you today Miss Joni?     Ha Ha -  I love it

But just to give you a little taste of what August in  HOT lanta Georgia is like -

I would really like an ice cream right about now ..... but I think this truck is all out

See you soon - and keep quilting ladies

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