Friday, August 24, 2012

Home for the Holidays BOM - What you need for Wool Applique'

Wool Applique' 101
For the wool applique' portion of this project you will need the following:

Wool thread or embroidery floss to match your wool - I used Auriful 12 weight -  100% Lana wool thread for both the embroidery and the applique'.  We have this at the shop in large spools - 300 or so yards per spool for around $10 per spool, or one of the fun things that we sell at the shop is 10 yards spools of wool thread in a variety of colors for $2 each.  This is a good way to collect the colors of thread that you may need without spending a lot of money. 
If you are using embroidery floss, use #310 black for the words, and colors of floss to match your wool.  I used brown 898, green 934, a dark neutral 640 since I didn't have wool thread in those colors. 

Freezer Paper - My favorite is Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets

Black Pigma Pen - I like to use a permanent pen to trace the patterns onto freezer paper, and to trace the words onto the background fabric.  I'm using a black pen because we are using black thread.  A mechanical pencil will work also, but it makes a mess of your hands and the lead can smear onto your fabrics

Applique' Glue - any kind of glue or glue stick will work, just choose your favorite

a 7 inch Embroidery Hoop - I prefer a spring-loaded hoop


Size 7 Wool/Embroidery Needles - I like the length of the size 7 Foxglove Cottage needle for the applique'

Needle Threader - this is a must

Scissors - a great pair of sewing scissors like Gingher or Dovo Scissors

My next post in this series will focus on the embroidery stitches, methods for tracing and cutting out your wool appliue' pieces, and how to place and stitch your wool onto your background fabric.

to be continued........
Joni    :)

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