Monday, April 16, 2012

True Bliss....

So... I have been blissfully sewing and working on finishing up some old being the half of a quilt top I gave to my husband for his birthday last December....He is a very patient and loving Quilter's husband that after many, many years of hearing him say, "hey, when are you going to make ME a quilt?" I finally broke down and made him a tumbler quilt out of Moda's Wool & Needle Flannels, which I have to say is one of my favorite lines of "guy" fabric.  Any Quiltmaker's husband would be happy to receive an un-quilted, half of a quilt top as a birthday gift right?!?  Well....maybe not, so I have put the tumbler on my list of things to finish this trip.

I also just sent the "Doc" quilt to the shop to be quilted.  It's another new schnibbles pattern that  Katie will surely work her "quilting magic" on.  The girls will be cutting kits at the shop, so call and order a kit if you are interested. It's only about a 30" square table topper, so this one works-up really fast!

I thought I'd better blog about my adventures here to dispel all the rumors that I am MIA, or deathly ill, or have been admitted to the mental hospital...  so where have I gone???  After finishing the BCBG-MAXAZRIA store at City Creek, my husband Bob is working on another store here in New Jersey.  I definitely needed a vacation!!! So... I decided to come out here with him on this trip.  I really miss seeing everyone, but I'll be home next week to catch up with all of you.  Please, don't feel sorry for me, I mean it is New Jersey after all....but we are living in Corporate Housing, with a view of the pool from the balcony and a view of NYC from the back of the apartment complex. And once in a while I bump into a few football players from the New York Giants, who live here during Spring Training.  I know, it's so sad to bump into Victor Cruz on the elevator... boo hoo....I'm having such a terrible time sewing, sunbathing, and spending Easter Sunday in Central hoo!  Sorry, If you know me, I don't like to brag, but I had to just throw that in!! Okay, I'm done.

I truly miss having all the helpful and friendly input from all of you, my favorite customers, so I have had to put this little number on the back-burner because I can not decide whether to use the pink or blue as the star points?  What?? You thought I always knew what fabrics to put together?  Not exactly ladies, I am just like you... I make a few blocks, change a few blocks, move them around a little, walk by them for a few days, move them a little more, etc etc. but this one has stumped me, probably because I like both colors.  But I have to tell you, the embroidery sure has helped my time here go by very quickly!

Any helpful input would be appreciated!  Just leave me your comments. And thanks in advance for the help!

Love Ya! and Keep Quilting Ladies


  1. Go with the Blue. It looks much better. It's a much softer color and gives your eye a place to rest better than the loud pink.

    1. Thanks Paula, The blue lets you see the embroidery a little more don't you thinks.

  2. I vote for blue because I see the stars better.

  3. I'm with the others.... BLUE!