Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's New

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted here.....where has all the time gone?

Just a shop update on all of the new fabrics we have,  If you have not been in the shop lately, we have a TON of new fabrics from all of your favorite designers!

  First I want to highlight the new Kokka Fabrics!

for all of you that hoard these fabrics (and you know who you are), we have a great selection of Echino,  the most popular being "Buck"

"Buck comes in three colors, Blue, Fuschia, and my favorite, Black

We also have a great selection of Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising Fabrics by Kokka as well!

Here is a link to Melody's blog to see all the amazing things she had in her booth at market

And don't forget her classics like the viewmaster fabric....we have it in blue and in cream, and I love the vintage typewriters, We have all three colors available!

Until next time :)


  1. Do you have any left of the red typewriter fabric by melody miller? I'm wanting to make pillows for a writing retreat :)

    1. Kathy, I'm sorry we have sold out of the Kokka typewriters in all three colors :(